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Measure Divide is the solo project of music producer Fahad Ahmad who is better known to us as one half of techno powerhouse duo Subfractal.

After working for several years pushing the envelope of Techno under the Subfractal moniker, he decided to start a new platform for his own expression.

His commitment to finding new and innovative techniques to produce groundbreaking techno led him to start this project.

After hearing his productions it comes without a doubt that Measure Divide is his channel to satisfy his thirst for earth shattering, industrial-infused edgier techno.

The distorted sound design, rumbling low- end and large fluxes of synths are essential to his sound and are showcased in his productions.

In 2013, he founded an events brand under the name of Format in order to showcase forward thinking international artists and help mould the future sound of Toronto.

He is currently releasing music under various guises some of which have been released to the public while the others remain unknown.

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